Finishing Artist

Amy Pawlowski

Amy Pawlowski is a highly-experienced Conform Artist who has performed post production editorial work on well over 100 feature films. Prior to coming aboard at Company 3 in 2019, she worked at EFilm in Hollywood for over 13 years and freelancing for a couple of years at other post production houses, including Light Iron. Pawlowski has performed editorial work on a significant number of often very complex shows for a who’s who of leading color and finishing artists, including Steven J. Scott, Jill Bogdanowicz and Tim Stipan. A small sample of her work includes Star Trek, Beyond DeadpoolIron Man, Iron Man 2, and many others.

Before starting down her current path, she spent a decade as an in-demand Visual Effects Editor, where she developed her expertise working on sequences from ingest to delivery – a skillset that she utilizes in her final conform work. A lifelong lover of solving puzzles, she observes that a Conform Artist’s work can often be likened to solving a series of complex puzzles.