Senior Colorist

Bob Festa

Based at Company 3 Hollywood. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Highly accomplished and influential Senior Colorist Bob Festa presents a robust project portfolio that spans episodic television, feature films, music videos and commercials. His credits include current major TV series such as Paramount’s Yellowstone and The CW’s 4400; important documentaries including Deep Web, The Panama Papers and Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain and well over 20,000 spots for brands including Coke, Levi’s, American Express, McDonalds, and IBM. Bob has collaborated with many legendary directors and cinematographers throughout a storied career that spans decades.

Throughout his career, Festa has helped to develop many of the color tools in use today and mentored many young artists. A southern California native, Festa holds both a MA and a BA in Television and Cinematography from Pepperdine University in Malibu.

You can catch Bob’s ICA and Mixing Light podcasts here: