Episodic Finishing Editor

Justin Eely

Based at Company 3 London. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Justin Eely is a finishing editor anyone would want on their team. He joined Company 3 London in early 2021, reteaming him with Senior Colorist Gareth Spensley with whom he’d collaborated for a decade at Molinare. Adept in all facets of finishing work, Eely has a keen eye for creating seamless visual effects (split screens, repos, lens flares, image warping, and much more) and contributing with the show’s colorist to the overall look in a number of ways. Recent series include international hits Killing Eve and The Crown, among many others.

A lifelong resident of London, Eely started his career apprenticing at a company that provided broadcast content for the Armed Forces where he quickly gravitated to the edit suite. His experience there led to extensive online editorial work at a number of companies in the city, including an eight-year tenure at the post facility Oasis, where he honed his craft. In addition to the work itself, which he primarily creates in Autodesk Flame, Eely loves the process of collaborating with the many creative people who visit his edit suite during the finishing phase of their shows.