UK COVID-19 Risk Assessment

This risk assessment has been created to assess the changing workplace environment created by the Covid-19 virus outbreak.  This Risk Assessment is to be used in conjunction with existing work place risk assessments and other policies and procedures produced in response to the pandemic.  

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Deluxe Legal and Facilities

Date Created:

1st July 2020

Next Review:

28 February 2021 or as and when necessary

Document Changes:

Reviewed and updated on 29/09/20 to reflect recent governmental changes or Deluxe specific changes adopted.


What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed

Controls Required

Additional Controls

Action by who?

Action by when?


Spread of Covid-19 virus

This Risk Assessment covers anyone attending Deluxe UK offices and includes:

  • All members of staff
  • Visiting client
  • Contractors
  • Cleaning operatives
  • Security guards
  • Suppliers 
  • Couriers
  • Any other individual authorised to enter a Deluxe site.

Hygiene (all sites)

People on site are reminded that the most effective mitigation against transmission of the Covid-19 virus is through the regular washing of hands with soap & water

Hand Washing (all sites)

Hand washing facilities with soap and water are provided.

Hand sanitiser is available throughout the facility and at the main reception desk.

Building Cleaning

The onsite cleaning team frequently clean the buildings with particular focus on touch points using cleaning products capable of killing viruses & bacteria.

Deluxe uses contracted cleaners Personal Touch Cleaning Services (“PTCS”). PTCS follow Government guidelines with the products that they use which pass all the necessary standards: EN 1276, 13704, 14476, 14675 and they are manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. PTCS have partnered with Citation who provide best in class continuous online training for their business of over 600 staff.

Posters showing the correct method of hand washing are displayed by sinks and throughout the facility.  Further guidance can be found at: 

Everyone is reminded to catch coughs and sneeze into tissues – Follow ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues will be made available throughout the workplace.

To help inform individuals on site about the risks of spreading COVID-19 posters, leaflets and other materials re on display throughout the building.

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers installed at key points in the building

Touch points such as kitchens, bathrooms, door handles and hand rails are cleaned a minimum of 4 times each day.

Desks in use are cleaned and disinfected daily, but we ask staff to also clean their own workstations at the start and end of their day as well and provide wipes to do so.  

If needed, a deep clean of an area following a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 would involve a specialist team of personnel with bio hazard suits attending the cordoned off area, fully cleaning all surfaces including walls, ceilings and doors and all objects including furniture, IT equipment, blinds etc. and the area would be sealed off for 72 hours after cleaning (or such time period deemed safe).



PTCS (Cleaning provider)

March 20

March 20



Social Distancing

It is recommended that everyone on site maintains a minimum of 2m separation between themselves and others.  In spite of the Government relaxing to 1m+ mitigations Deluxe will wherever possible retain the 2m rule.

Operations within the building have been reviewed to ensure sufficient space to maintain social distancing.  

These include:

Reviewing of floor plans and previous occupancy levels.

Ensuring any staff returning to work have had their workspace assessed so it does not breach occupancy limits.

Social distancing also to be adhered to when individuals are moving outside their normal areas of work such as kitchen, bathrooms and external smoking areas.

Staff are encouraged to work from home, however when staff do access the building, they must do so while adhering to prescribed policies. Signs and floor markings have been placed throughout all buildings to help everyone maintain a safe distance and usable seating marked clearly.

Where possible stairwells have been made one way to reduce path crossing in narrow spaces.

Staff encouraged to avoid face to face meetings where possible.

Limitation of 1 individual occupancy in small meeting rooms which are unable to allow minimum safe distancing.

Occupation limits on the larger meeting rooms shown via signs on doors.

Removal of items such as chairs, tables etc. to reduce occupation density.

Remote working has been enabled for as many teams as possible. Under-utilised parts of any buildings can be used in the future if needed to create the necessary spacing for more staff.

Management & Staff

March 20



PPE/RPE (Personal Protective Equipment/Respiratory Protective Equipment) in the form of disposable face masks and gloves is provided for individuals onsite.

Individuals with face covering exemptions

The use of face masks by all individuals on site is mandatory.  

Hand sanitizer is available for use before gloves or masks are taken from Reception. Security to ask individuals to use hand sanitiser prior to accessing gloves or masks.

Used disposable face masks should be disposed of in the correct waste bins that are located in the Reception areas.

Those using fabric masks should ensure they are washed daily and follow the Deluxe Facial covering policy guidelines.

Individuals that must attend site who are exempt from wearing a facial covering can enter the facility according to the following conditions, which will be made clear in advance to the exempt individual by either a) HR or b) Deluxe point of contact (in the case of visitors)

They maintain strict 2m social distancing rules

The regularly sanitise their hands 

They work in an enclosed area if possible and if not, at a good distance away from other colleagues/visitors

Reception staff, Security and Facilities staff will be informed in advance when staff/visitors with facial covering exemptions are due on site to avoid any unnecessary questioning.

Cascading of messages is regularly done via internal communication channels, MD/Head of Operations (Creative) to all during staff updates and through line managers to reassure and support staff in a fast changing situation.



May 20

October 20



Screening of individuals coming on site

Staff: (all sites unless specified)

Staff have been asked to self-screen every morning before they leave home. If they are experiencing any of the Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms over the past 14 days then they should stay at home, inform their line manager and contact the NHS testing services.

Visitors/Contractors: (all sites)

Contactless registration for non-staff using the Envoy system has been set up and all non-staff will answer screening questions as part of this pre-registration before they arrive on site or enter the facility.

Temperature Screening (all sites)

All individuals entering the building will be subject to a temperature check.  Face mask and face shield PPE will be worn by those carrying out the temperature check.

Managers will receive HR briefings to support them in their role during the pandemic. This will include support for their team members who are impacted by the virus either directly or via a family member. Signposting to further support will also be given.  

In addition to the screening process, visitors and contractors are provided with a document outlining the Deluxe Covid-19 building access policy, which includes instructions on social distancing, facial covering policy and the expectations Deluxe places on them in allowing them access to the site.

Any individual whose temperature check shows a consistent temperature of 37.8°C or above after 2 tests (with a 5-minute wait between tests outside) will not be allowed to enter the facility.

HOD’s & HR




March 20

June 20

June 20




Communications (all sites / units as specified)

All staff before returning to work in a Deluxe facility will be asked to complete a training video to ensure they are familiar with new measures implemented to reduce the risk of Covid-19 and to make clear the part that staff are asked to play to protect themselves and others.

All staff have been issued a Facility briefing pack alternatively briefed via video conferencing with specific information on what to expect when returning to work in specific offices, including information about social distancing, cleaning, Covid-19 controls and floorplans with social distanced seating and flow routes.

Health and Safety reps have been recruited from across the business to provide a consultative forum for information to be passed to staff and for feedback and queries to come back to the Workplace Planning Project team.

HR/ Business Op’s

June 20


Catering areas/kitchen equipment (site specifics detailed)

Onsite catering and hospitality services have been paused for the foreseeable future. 

Staff are required to bring in their own food. Some vending facilities are available where payment can be made contactless. 

Kitchenettes are treated as a touch point and cleaned 4 times daily.

Closure of the coffee bar and canteen for the foreseeable future (Deluxe House).

Deluxe House kitchen areas are available due to lack of available food outlets in vicinity with 1 individual max occupancy (signs to support). 

142 specific – restricted to cold water machines and kettle/hot water urn use in order to make cold or hot drinks. Detailed kitchen use procedural document in place (Procedure for using kitchen areas to make drinks V2.1). 1 person to use kitchen area at a time.

Toasters, microwaves are not to be used until further notice. Signage in kitchens & coffee bar stating this.

Dering Street tea point is available for use but due to its small size is limited to single occupancy.  Warning notices are placed outside the tea point informing all personnel about the occupancy limit


May 20


Isolation Area (Deluxe House and 142)

Cab Office at 142 to be used as the quarantine room if individual needs to be isolated because of symptoms/temp test failure.

The quarantine area in Deluxe House for individuals who are showing symptoms or fail the temp test is the medical room on the ground floor, admin wing


June 20


Working from Home 

With remote working going on longer than originally expected, a new global working from home policy will be produced to support staff working remotely

Staff must be given guidelines on working at home and maintaining required levels of content and equipment security

Mental Health 

Management will promote mental health & wellbeing awareness to staff during the Covid-19 outbreak and will offer whatever support they can to help.  

The working from home policy and supporting information for staff will include information and advice on how to make the home working environment safe, comfortable and productive – following guidelines provided by institutions such as the HSE. 

Deluxe Remote Access Technical Architecture for Business Continuity, produced in March 2020 provides staff guidance on their responsibility for work content and equipment at home including digital and physical security measures which must be followed.

Regular communication of mental health information and support via EAP: Health Assured Deluxe’s 24 our helpline and portal for anyone requiring mental health and wellbeing support.   Deluxe My Wellness and Connect programmes will reach out via email to give staff ideas and opportunities to connect virtually. 




July 20

April 20



Travel (All Sites)

Staff advised to avoid public transport where possible and reminded of overnment facial covering rules on all public transport.

All staff asked to wash hands immediately on entering the office and to only attend the office if absolutely necessary for work or approved by their Manager.

Staff asked to change their facial covering if possible (i.e. if using a disposable face covering acceptance for the individual) on entering the building after using public transport.


May 20


High Risk Individuals

(All Sites)

For a member of staff who may fall into a category deemed ‘high risk’ such as having an underlying health condition or restricted mobility which could place them at increased risk while in the building this is to be made clear to their line manager and HR so that further action can be taken if necessary.

All staff have been asked to inform their Managers if they are aware of any conditions which make them more vulnerable to Covid-19 so that this can be taken into account as part of the business’ Covid-19 planning.


June 20


Specialist Areas

Theatres, grading / online editing and client suites

Access card for theatres to be made in advance and left for visitor to retrieve by themselves.

Reducing staff and visitor shared spaces.

Cleaning of suites between bookings

Scanning Department

The staffing of the film scanning department is rotational.

Only one staff member working in the area on one shift.

Nitrile gloves are provided for the Scanning Operators in their area.  These are worn when powering down the scanner and removing or connecting keyboards and mice.

Due to the nature of handling film, cotton gloves are provided for use for those tasks.

Negative cans wiped with antibacterial wipes on arrival in building (via Despatch team) before arriving in department.

Swipe cards are disinfected before being handed out and on retrieval from visitors.

Audio Operator to control session remotely from recording artist where possible.

Pull-out baffle screen to be used to help shield recording artist in Studio 1.

Minimum of 30 mins gap between audio sessions to allow for sanitisation cleaning of studio surfaces and door handles.

Audio microphones & sensitive equipment to be sanitised by Audio Operator after every session.

Disposable headphone covers and lapel microphone mounts to be used.

Cleaning team performing department clean at the start and end of each shift period.

Scanning Operator cleans Scanity (scanner) equipment with antibacterial wipes at the end of their shift.

Separate keyboards and mice for each operator.

Gloves are worn by the operator through the shift while handling cans, negative, scanners and all equipment.

Negative cans wiped again, by Scanning Operator, before they are collected from the department for storage or to be despatched offsite




June 20


Gym Facility (Deluxe House)

Following the changes in government guidelines that came into force on 5th November, the gym in Deluxe House is closed until further notice.    

Notices informing staff that the gym is closed have been placed in the gym on the booking forms removed from reception


Nov 20