Flame Artist

Cecile Tecson Broas

Cecile Tecson Broas is a highly talented Flame Artist whose keen eye for detail and technical mastery has kept her very busy throughout her more than 20 years in the VFX industry. An expert in the complexity of Autodesk Flame, she has both performed and overseen all manner of 2D work, from beauty and cleanup to green screen comps, wire removal and color correction. Her work has touched top tier spots including campaigns for international brands HP, Microsoft, Beats, Google and Facebook; music videos for major artists such as Ariana Grande, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Uzi Vert; highly popular TV projects such as Moon Knight, Stranger Things and The Great and feature films for such blockbusters as Top Gun: Maverick, Marcel the Shell, Eurovision, and The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Broas’s passion for artistic endeavors runs deep, inherited from her grandfather, a painter, and her father, a photographer. A Los Angeles native, she began her VFX career after completing her studies in Studio Art at UC Irvine. She first took on vault and runner roles at various companies, while simultaneously mastering Autodesk’s Combustion. She parlayed her facility with that toolset to become an artist and eventually became equally proficient in Flame. In the process, she’s brought her talents to a number of LA-based studios including Riot, Creo and Method Studios before joining Company 3. Beyond her creative and technical abilities, Broas attributes her success to her collaborative spirit which is so important in this type of work.