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Company 3 NExT - Nurturing Exceptional Talent

Company 3 NExT – Nurturing Exceptional Talent


At Company 3, we help some of the most highly respected and talented film and entertainment professionals to tell incredible stories. We take pride in providing award-winning postproduction and visual effects services within a variety of content across film, television, commercials, animation, gaming, and more.
Through our NExT (Nurturing Exceptional Talent) Pipeline Program, we seek to nurture the next generation of postproduction and VFX talent by spreading awareness about careers in the industry and offering practical workplace experiences for those seeking to build their skills.

The NExT Pipeline

Our Outreach
We partner with educational institutions and community organizations to host NExT info sessions that introduce audiences to the world of postproduction and VFX, including sample career paths and how to get started in the industry.
If you would like to request a virtual or in-person outreach session for your school or organization, please submit this form and we will get in touch.
In addition to NExT presentations requested by program partners, we host pre-scheduled, virtual NExT sessions every other month that are open to the public. To stay informed about our upcoming webinars and how to register for them, kindly subscribe to our mailing list (program partner mailing list or student/individual mailing list).

Our Internship
Want to lend your artistic hands to building animated creatures? Have a knack for color correction? Or maybe you’d like to build your marketing skills while promoting our creative projects?

Our 10-week summer internship program allows you to learn and collaborate with our art, production, technology, and administrative teams to gain exposure into our postproduction and VFX specialities. Find out more about our NExT Summer Internship Program here.

Our Apprenticeship
Looking to begin your artistic journey in VFX? Thinking about your NExT career move into sound production? Or perhaps you have a passion for technology and software development?
We offer an apprenticeship program for those seeking part-time, entry-level roles to work in various aspects of postproduction and VFX. Find out more about our NExT Apprenticeship Program here.

Program Tracks

Company 3 VFX Postproduction Finishing Track
Postproduction Finishing includes the process of enhancing and designing the color of a project to set a certain emotional tone and keep continuity. It also includes the process of piecing together high-quality, finished footage.
Company 3 VFX Sound Track
Sound is the process of creating clear dialogue, adding sound effects, and creating the entire sound environment for content.
Company 3 VFX Internship Track
Visual Effects (VFX) is the process of creating, manipulating, or enhancing imagery that does not take place during live-action shooting. It is often used to create environments or to merge real-life footage with CG (Computer-Generated) imagery.
Company 3 VFX Stereo VFX Track
Stereo VFX is the process of giving depth to 2D imagery, tricking the eye into thinking an object is popping out of a screen.
Company 3 VFX Global Services Track
Global Services supplies critical administrative and organizational support for our employees across the company. Our Global Services departments include Diversity & Engagement, Legal, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Security/Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, and Facilities & Studio Operations.

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