Final Color

Since the company’s inception, top commercial talent has been coming to Company 3 for our world-renowned colorists. Our colorists at all Company 3 locations are the best in the field, with years of experience. Our team of colorists has created looks for some of the most innovative, demanding and creative features, commercials and music videos being made.

Company 3 color sessions represent the pinnacle of artistic and technical excellence. Company 3 colorists are artists in their own right, who can partner with creatives, directors, and cinematographers to enact the client’s unique vision. Our infrastructure allows colorists to work in every format—2K, 4K, DPX, Open EXR, .r3d native, anything you can bring into the shop—and tailor the look for any delivery specification.  Our R&D team is constantly paving the way for the “next big thing” in this always-evolving field.  All Company 3 bays are designed to work in any and every format you need, from the traditional standard of 10-bit DPX to 16-bit Open EXR.

Delivery and Localization

Company 3 TV clients are tapped into Deluxe’s Delivery and Localization services.

Deluxe Localization provides our customers a worldwide service. Translators, “Create Once, Repurpose Always” creates all original assets, including subtitled and dubbed tracks, once then repurpose for all distribution channels.

Deluxe also offers one of the major Localization, Dubbing and Subtitling operations in the world, with contracted language translators to more than 60 languages, foreign casting, directing, language dubbing and mixing and 2D/3D subtitling services for all platforms and formats.