Senior Finishing Editor

Clyde Kellett

Talented Finishing Editor Clyde Kellett joined Company 3 in the fall of 2022 following a highly successful tenure of over two decades at The Farm (recently acquired by Picture Shop). He is particularly skilled in the fixes and invisible VFX shots that make a standout finishing editor and has worked on many period pieces, such as Downton Abbey and All Creatures Great and Small, in which anachronistic items — from antennas to air conditioners to the subtle markings on livestock — had to be flawlessly removed, always on tight schedules. Other recent projects include Netflix horror series Red Rose and Prime comedy/drama Outlaws.

Originally from Brighton, his primary in his late teens was music and the band he was part of. He attended Portsmouth University and studied film and video with an eye towards pursuing a career in sound. But his first job as a runner at Molinare, London, he realized that he was actually more interested in video finishing. He worked his way up to online editor (video was all linear at the time) and was soon thriving in the job. He then joined a number of collogues in the industry to form The Farm, where he built up his skillset in non-linear conform and visual effects toolsets.

He brings with him the kind of knowledge and discipline that was absolutely required in the linear days of editing and enduring passion for “doing all those little things we do that nobody really knows about, but which help to bring the viewer into the story.”