Senior Colorist

Dave Muscat

Instagram: @dave_muscat

Based at Company 3 Toronto. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Senior Colorist Dave Muscat has been a valuable member of the Toronto team for over two decades. He brings a versatile artistry and technical expertise to every project he touches. Filmmakers know him as a seasoned collaborator who will help to realize their vision and elevate their imagery through color grading. 

His recent work includes fast-paced comedies Letterkenny and Shoresy from Creator Jared Keeso, comedy/horror feature Zombie Town and action/thriller series Condor. Muscat has graded many award-winning projects; his work has been featured on Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Amazon, and at festivals including Cannes, T.I.F.F. and SXSW.

Muscat joined what was then Deluxe Toronto in 2000 as a color assist, where he developed a keen eye and learned foundational color techniques from top artists. Then, as finishing editor on a large number of shows, he built an extensive knowledge of the entire post-production workflow before honing his skills further and becoming an accomplished colorist in his own right.