Senior Marketing Finishing Artist

Jim Eberle

Veteran editor Jim Eberle joined Company 3 as Senior Finishing Artist in Company 3’s marketing department in the Summer of 2019. Recent projects include trailer, promos and other materials for major features including Avengers: End Game, the new Top Gun and many more. Previously, Eberle worked as finishing artist at the Sim Group’s Chainsaw on television phenomenon  Game of Thrones.

He has worked at EFilm on a large number of trailers for major features, including Mission: Impossible – Fallout, A Quiet Place, and Widows. He previously spent over a decade freelancing at a large assortment of companies, including Company 3, finishing a great many TV spots and series. Eberle, who helped build the company’s trailers department, loves the vibe and pace that goes with the process of creating trailers and promos. Born in Nebraska, Eberle grew up in Texas and graduated Sam Huston State in Texas with a BA in Radio/TV/Film with a minor in Physical Science. When he’s not working, he maintains a lifelong passion for playing the drums at various venues in the area.