Senior Feature Finishing Artist

Paul Carlin

Senior Feature Finishing Artist Paul Carlin joined Company 3 in 2010 as an Autodesk Smoke (subsequently Flame) expert. Carlin brings his creative talent and technical expertise to features and trailers, often creating last minute visual fixes in preparation for color grading.  Some of his recent features have been X-Men: ApocalypseGods of Egypt and Tomorrowland.  He traveled to CO3 London to finish The Martian.

Carlin had previously worked at Modern VideoFilm and Fox Sports in Los Angeles.  He started in the industry as a video camera operator but made his mark as a linear online editor.  However, he quickly jumped onto the non-linear bandwagon as an early adopter, eventually becoming a Autodesk Certified Instructor for Smoke.  He has always been interested in new technology and enjoys the challenge of learning about all aspects of the industry.  A native of Los Angeles, his recent interests include large format photography and traveling the world with his family.