Creative Post Council Lead / Vancouver

Thor Roos

Instagram: @thorcolor

Based at Company 3 Vancouver. Available virtually through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Thor Roos has been a leading colorist in the Vancouver area for over two decades. He has brought his artistic talents to such visually striking shows as Snowpiercer, The Man in the High Castle (Amazon), The Terror (AMC), 50 States of Fright (Quibi), and Warrior Nun (Netflix). He joined Company 3 (then Deluxe Vancouver) in 2012 following a long tenure at Technicolor’s facility in the region and has been turning out top-notch work ever since. Always an early adopter of the latest post-production technology, Roos was instrumental in setting up the first DI-style workflow in Vancouver, graded some of the first top-tier projects to post in the region, and was among the first colorists to work in HDR.

A native of Vancouver, Roos studied broadcasting and immediately took on an entry-level position at a film and digital post-production company, where he developed an extensive understanding of and a strong passion for every facet of color grading in both the photochemical and digital worlds. Roos worked his way up to become one of the region’s most highly in-demand final colorists for nearly two decades as that company went through a succession of owners, ultimately becoming Technicolor’s Vancouver location. Roos’s reel offers an eclectic mix of styles and genres, but he is best known for intense, visually innovative futuristic series.

He has collaborated on a large number of shows whose visuals have been recognized by major societies. Recent examples include ASC (American Cinematography Society) Award-winning episode The Terror: Infamy (“A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest,” shot by John Conroy) and ASC-Award nominated Snowpiercer (“Bound by One Track,” shot by Jaime Reynoso).