Erik Ventura

Erik Ventura started work at Company 3 in 2015 as an assist, primarily for Senior Colorist Siggy Ferstl. There he learned about the art and technology of color grading. In addition to Ventura’s large body of work as an assistant on many major TV projects, he is credited as additional colorist on such popular and innovative series as Lost in Space and The Boys.

Before joining Company 3, Ventura served as an editor working for Global Eagle Entertainment where he perfected his skills in BMD DaVinci Resolve, Avid and others. In his spare time he learned about color correction and devoured books and tutorials about the process he came to love. Prior to that, he worked as an editor at the TV station of Cal State Fullerton, while attending that college working towards his degree in Film with an emphasis in editing. The Moreno Valley, CA native is particularly drawn to TV work because he loves the process of extended periods of collaboration. The self-proclaimed “nerd” plays D&D and paints three-dimensional miniatures.