Episodic Finishing Artist

James Brill

Episodic Finishing Artist James Brill joined Company 3 in late 2018, bringing with him extensive experience conforming and finishing a large number of episodic TV shows and feature films. He developed his skills as a detail-oriented artist at Los Angeles-area Local Hero Post, Digital Post Services and Sonic Pool. Recent feature work includes highly-praised indie Captain Fantastic, the highly unusual horror/comedy Mom and Dad and The Choice, based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel. An expert in Resolve, Avid, After Effects, Premiere Pro and other packages, Brill enjoys working with filmmakers to make subtle but important adjustments to their work just prior to the final color grading phase.

A Southern California native, Brill was fascinated by computers and moving images from his earliest years and was working as a video editor while still in high school and honed his craft in the fast paced world of reality television. He also has significant experience working as a colorist, which provides him with an intimate understanding of the requirements and priorities of the colorists he works with now.