Company 3 Partners with YCP Alumni Fellowship on Award-Winning Film

January 10, 2024 Jan. 10, 2024

In 2023, Company 3 proudly partnered with the Youth Cinema Project (YCP), an initiative of the Latino Film Institute, during the 2022-2023 academic school year to support the inaugural YCP Alumni Fellowship in the production of the short film “Sol Supernova.” 

The YCP Fellowship works with teens aged 15 to 18 and is intended to provide film school-bound students with a high-quality sample that will strengthen their applications and increase their chances of obtaining scholarships. Sponsored by Amazon Studios, the program selects 15 students each year who receive comprehensive training and personalized mentorship from script to screen.

The Youth Cinema Project (YCP) works in the classrooms of California public schools, integrating filmmaking with 21st-century learning skills. The YCP Alumni initiative connects students to more advanced filmmaking programs, supports students with applications to college, connects students to internships and other early career initiatives, and is a constant support as the students progress in their filmmaking path. 

“Sol Supernova” has been screened at various film festivals, achieving several accolades, including the Best Youth Film award at the Winter Park Film Festival, Honorable Mention at The Lunda Collective Digital Film Festival, Official Selection at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, and the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival.

“We are incredibly grateful for Company 3’s support with this project. The access to world-class facilities and services that CO3 extended to our students elevated the project beyond our wildest dreams and allowed everyone at YCP to experience what it’s like to work at the highest levels in the industry. This level of access is necessary to make current industry pipelines more inclusive and equitable.” 

– Erika Sabel Flores, VP of Programs and Innovation at the Latino Film Institute 

Company 3 is proud to have supported these students throughout their filmmaking journey. Special thanks to Jimi Vaughn, Jackie Lee, Eric Izaguirre, Megan White, Laura Geucherian, Nick Monton, and Nick Nassif for their invaluable support of this project.

For more information about the Youth Cinema Project, click here.