A Tale of Two Cities

September 17, 2018
Sep. 17, 2018

The Hate U Give has received high praise from the Toronto International Film Festival. Based on the powerful novel by Angie Thomas, the hard-hitting story concerns 16-year-old Starr Carter (Amanda Stenberg of The Hunger Games) as a young African American woman Read More

The Rich Colors of Crazy Rich Asians

August 16, 2018
Aug. 16, 2018

Company 3’s Stephen Nakamura was instantly captivated by the feature Crazy Rich Asians when he screened it many months ago in preparing to commence color grading. This was long before the multitude of glowing reviews and the press about this first Read More

EFilm’s Tim Stipan Colors Provocative mother! at Company 3

September 20, 2017
Sep. 20, 2017

Directed by Darren Aronofsky and shot by frequent collaborator Matthew Libatique, the powerful feature, mother! opened to passionate responses and a slew of multiple interpretations last week, but those who know the filmmakers’ previous work, such as The Black Swan, and Read More

Into the Shadows: Color on “It”

September 8, 2017
Sep. 8, 2017

Audiences are eagerly awaiting It, from New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Based on Stephen King’s terrifying and popular novel, the film pits a group of kids in a small town against the horrifying clown Pennywise. The official trailer has gotten 13.2 Read More

Colorist Tom Poole Named to Academy Class of 2017

June 29, 2017
Jun. 29, 2017

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be a little more colorful with the addition of Company 3’s Tom Poole, who has been invited to join the venerated Hollywood institution. Congrats to Tom and the entire class of 2017! Read More

Company 3 Prepares Wonder Woman for Battle

June 22, 2017
Jun. 22, 2017

One of the summer’s most eagerly-anticipated features, on June 2nd Wonder Woman at last brought the beloved and enduring comic character to movie audiences. Directed by Patty Jenkins (Oscar-winning feature Monster and highly-acclaimed series The Killing) and shot by Matthew Jensen, Read More

Company 3 Colors Sundance Favorites, Celebrates Indie Filmmaking

January 31, 2017
Jan. 31, 2017

Company 3 colorists graded two major features screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival – Shirley MacLaine-starring The Last Word, and the powerful documentary, The Workers Cup. Company 3 and EFilm also hosted a well-attended party at Park City hot spot, Read More

Sean Coleman Talks Paper Towns

July 24, 2015
Jul. 24, 2015

“When my 14-year-old daughter found out I was working on Paper Towns, she was incredibly excited,” colorist Sean Coleman recalls. The source material, the young adult novel by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars), is enormously popular in her demo Read More

Paul Ensby Finishes Winehouse Doc

July 10, 2015
Jul. 10, 2015

Asif Kapadia’s heart-wrenching documentary Amy takes a look at the ill-fated torch singer Amy Winehouse through interviews with associates and a wealth of archival material, from home movies of her as a young girl to some of her final, drug-ravaged performances. Read More

Dave Hussey Helps Paint the Lonely Desperation of Nightingale

June 24, 2015
Jun. 24, 2015

For the haunting feature film Nightingale, director Elliot Lester and cinematographer Pieter Vermeer created a visual language to underscore the mental deterioration of the only character, Peter Snowden (Selma‘s David Oyelowo), a troubled veteran who is spinning out. Company 3’s Dave Read More

Stephen Nakamura Talks Dolby Vision

June 19, 2015
Jun. 19, 2015

Company 3 senior colorist Stephen Nakamura joined director Brad Bird, cinematographer Claudio Miranda, ASC and co-producer/VFX producer Tom Peitzman for an exciting, informative panel discussion at the Cinegear trade show about the art and craft of creating the unique look for Read More

EFILM and Company 3 Major Participants in LA Film Fest

June 19, 2015
Jun. 19, 2015

The EFILM and Company 3 brands were everywhere at this year’s LA Film Festival. The fest, from the organization Film Independent, is a yearly highlight for filmmakers — particularly independent-minded artists with unusual types of stories — to show their work, Read More

Stefan Sonnenfeld Colors Megahit Jurassic World

June 12, 2015
Jun. 12, 2015

Company 3’s Stefan Sonnenfeld did the final work on Universal’s Jurassic World, which gobbled up the biggest opening weekend domestically and worldwide ever. Directed by Colin Trevorrow and shot by John Schwartzman, ASC, Jurassic World brings a contemporary look and feel Read More