Company 3 Colorist Parker Jarvie speaks to LBB about what color grading could look like in 2023

February 24, 2023 Feb. 24, 2023

LBB recently published a thought piece with colorists from across the industry, which includes comments from Company 3 Colorist Parker Jarvie.

In the article they dive into why there has been an increased appreciation and recognition for an aspect of the filmmaking process which has previously been looked over – color grading. And they ask the colorists what colour grading could look like in 2023 and what they think the upcoming trends will be.

Speaking on the trends he feels we will see more of in 2023, Parker comments “In terms of culture, we’ve seen massive investments from tech companies into VR. We’ll start seeing more virtual reality-driven content with Meta’s investment in VR and the metaverse. We’ll see how the technology progresses over the next few years, but it’s exciting to think that there’s an entirely new way to engage with content and advertising starting to form.”

You can read the full article here, and explore Parker’s latest work here.