Pennzoil High-Octane Aerial Stunt | Colored by Dave Hussey

April 1, 2015 Apr. 1, 2015

Need a lift? Take this cool 90-second Pennzoil spot from J. Walter Thompson for a spin.
Stunt driver Rhys Millen hurtles through the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, in a canary yellow 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat for much of the film, called “Airlift Drift,” promoting the client’s synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. Ultimately, his wild ride hits dizzying heights as four helicopters hoist the vehicle on a specially designed asphalt-topped platform. The car continues to drift and burn rubber like mad as it soars through the night sky, past glittering downtown skyscrapers.
That’s one breathtaking aerial exhibition. Suck it, Jaguar!

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