Siggy Ferstl Finishes Cinematic Rhianna Video

July 1, 2015 Jul. 1, 2015

Rhianna’s powerful music video, “BBHMM”caused a sensation when a one-minute clip premiered during the BET Awards last month and people everywhere started wondering, “What happens after she kidnaps a woman and shoves her in the trunk of a car?” Once the whole video dropped, they realized it only got rougher from there.

Rhianna, who co-directed with the team called Megaforce wanted a bold, cinematic look for the piece and cinematographer Benoît Debie made use of strong colors and contrast to achieve the effect. Siggy Ferstl, who’d collaborated with Debie on Ryan Gosling’s feature film directorial debut, Lost River, says he always enjoys working with the cinematographer.

“He puts so much into the negative so the color grading is about subtle fine-tuning and details,” he elaborates. “Another exciting aspect of the job was that he actually did shoot film negative, which is very rare, especially for a music video these days.”

Response has run the gamut from surprised to shocked at the entire 7-minute piece’s intensity. As Entertainment Weekly’s Jessica Goodman wrote, “Rhianna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ music video is bonkers, fantastic and totally NSFW.”