Senior Colorist Tim Masick Color Grades Vogue Magazine’s Met Gala 2024 Films

May 23, 2024 May. 23, 2024

The Met Gala for 2024 has officially ended, with them releasing their final films from this year’s much-talked-about event. Aptly named sleeptoks, in line with this year’s Met exhibition ‘Sleeping Beauties’, these are their annual clips that showcase the different attendees looks, shot in different parts of The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). Highlights include clips from Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Cardi B, Thom Browne, Dua Lipa, Barry Keoghan, and many more.

This year, Senior Colorist Tim Masick collaborated with Vogue Magazine for The MET Gala for a third year in a row, adding a unique color grade to each clip. The challenge was to maintain a unique identity for each clip. To bring these to life, Tim collaborated with director Bardia Zeinali and DP Kelly Jeffrey.

On being a part of the MET Gala team again this year, Tim commented: “I was invited back by Bardia Zeinali, with whom I’ve collaborated regularly for about eight years… The process of creating these videos is very organized, with a strong concept and theme for each, and Bardia and Kelly have a general idea of exactly what they want. However, as with most things, it can be tricky to achieve the vision in such a tight time frame and charged atmosphere, as plans can change at the last minute, so there’s a specific team wrangling people and executing the ideas. This year, I received a brief in advance, which allowed me to develop a few different LUTs, some in color and some in black and white, for Kelly to use. This helped and made for a very smooth process that night.”

Tim continues, “We set up the day before at The Watson Library, where I was joined by Company 3 Engineer Jonathan Buckmaster, who has been so integral that Vogue now asks for him to also be a part of the team. It was a mobile setup, so ensuring it was dark enough was an additional challenge. The whole team helped to accommodate this through a process where they shoot a person or two, then the runner takes the card and gets it to editorial, who was stationed next to us, and then we copy it from there to start to generate looks.  Once editorial has the final edit, it’s now much quicker for us to establish the final grade. Bardia arrived after shooting all the films, and we worked through them together. Anna Wintour’s film was the first one we completed, as it was the first to go out. From there on, we worked through the other films.”

Commenting on Tim’s involvement on the films, Steven Dam, Executive Producer at PRODn said: “We all loved working with Tim on this. In addition to being incredibly talented, he is the loveliest person on set and has such a great sense of calm amidst our Met Gala chaos. We’re fortunate to have had Tim work with us on this.”

You can watch all of the films on Vogue Magazine’s Instagram here.