ACE Eddie Awards: Celebrating Editing Excellence

March 5, 2024 Mar. 5, 2024

The ACE Eddie Awards ceremony, held this past weekend in Los Angeles at UCLA’s Royce Hall with host Nina West, showcased exemplary achievements in editing across both film and television.

Among the standout winners, Michael Harte, ACE, claimed the prestigious Best Edited Documentary (Theatrical) award for his exceptional work on Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, which Senior Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld graded. Additionally, Timothy A. Good, ACE, clinched the esteemed Best Edited Drama Series award for his contributions to the episode “A Long, Long Time” from The Last of Us, a hit series that Senior Colorist Stephen Nakamura graded.

Congratulations to all the editors recognized for their remarkable contributions at last night’s awards ceremony.

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Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

BEST EDITED DOCUMENTARY (Theatrical) – Michael Harte, ACE

  • Color | Stefan Sonnenfeld
  • Additional Color | Adam Nazarenko
  • Finishing Artist | John Diesso
  • Color Producer | Dawn Landon
  • Director | Davis Guggenheim
  • DP | C. Kim Miles
  • Editor | Michael Harte
  • Production Design | Matthew Budgeon


The Last of Us “Long, Long Time”


  • Color | Stephen Nakamura
  • Finishing Artist | Heydar Adel
  • Color Production | Giovanni DiGiorgio, Alexis French, Trent Anderson
  • Directors | Craig Mazin, Neil Druckman, Peter Hoar, Jeremy Webb, Jasmila Žbanic, Liza Johnson, Ali Abbasi
  • DPs | Ksenia Sereda, Eben Bolter, Christine A. Maier, Nadim Carlsen
  • Editors | Timothy A. Good, Mark Hartzell, Emily Mendez, Cindy Mollo, Joel T. Pashby
  • Production Design | John Paino