Alan deGraaf Speaks to LBB About His Distinct Sound Design Moments

July 12, 2023 Jul. 12, 2023

As part of their ‘Thinking in Sound’ series, Senior Re-Recording Mixer Alan deGraaf sits down with LBB to discuss sound spotting sessions, telling a story through sound and delivering endless ideas and options. LBB ask questions such as ‘what’s your typical starting point?’, ‘what are some of your most memorable professional collaborations?’, ‘What’s the most satisfying part of your job?’ and much more.


At one point in the article Alan is asked what the most satisfying part of his job is, and he responds, “The most satisfying part would have to be when we play back the completed mix after we have finished an episode or movie. This is where we hear the project in a run as the audience would watch it and see and listen to it all come together. We can get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The reason it’s satisfying is that we, as mixers, have helped to tell the story and make it sound great.”


You can read the full article on LBB here.