Colorist Kath Raisch Speaks to LBB on Letting Footage Do the Heavy Lifting

June 2, 2023 Jun. 2, 2023

Speaking to LBB’s Ben Conway, Senior Colorist Kath Raisch discusses her journey into the industry, gives some tips and tricks to those looking to get into colour grading, and shares some insight into her collaborative, creative process.

Kath has a long list of credits, grading commercial projects for the likes of Airbnb, Ford, Gucci, ASOS and Ulta, and features and short films, including ‘Aftersun’ which saw great success at the 2022 Cannes and Berlin film festivals.

In the article, Kath touches upon many things, including her process of grading a film.

Kath notes, “I like to watch the film (or commercial) first to get an understanding. Then I will look at the references/mood boards (if any) provided by the director/DP/client and see how they compare with how I felt watching it. I then play around with the footage to see what feeling it gives me because I like to let the footage speak for itself. Of course, there are cases where pushing the footage to a place that may not directly come through in the log files is necessary (and fun), but I still like to let the footage guide me there.”


You can read the full article on LBB here.