Colorist Yoomin Lee Speaks to PostPerspective About Work and Inspirations

March 1, 2024 Mar. 1, 2024

Speaking to Post Perspective as part of their ‘Colorist Chat’ series, Senior Colorist Yoomin Lee discusses her favourite part of color grading, the collaboration with DPs and Directors, and offers insight into why she chose this career path.

Yoomin has a long list of credits, grading commercial projects for the likes of L’Occitane, Louis Vuitton, Waitrose, Swarovski, and features including Anton Corbin’s ’Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis).’

In the article, Yoomin touches on many things, including getting the most out of a project from a color perspective.

Yoomin notes, “It’s always helpful when clients are clear about what they want; however, I think leaving some room to explore in color-grading sessions is good. Sometimes, we get a shot-by-shot reference from clients, which could limit what you can achieve because it’s hard to judge if that is the best approach until you see something different or better.”


You can read the full article on Post Perspective here.