Company 3 Colorist Jenny Montgomery speaks to LBB About Appreciating the Clean Grades and the Wild Ones

November 27, 2023 Nov. 27, 2023

Speaking to LBB’s Ben Conway, Colorist Jenny Montgomery discusses whimsical and unexpected projects, New York’s endless art and ‘getting away with’ collaborating with dear friends.

In adland, Jenny has graded work for household names like Verizon, Uniqlo, Nissan, McDonald’s, Under Armour, Corona, and Lyft. And in the music world, she has graded videos for the likes of Katy Perry, Migos, BIA and Nicki Minaj, Parquet Courts and Bas.

In the article, Jenny touches upon many things, including how the color process start for her.

Jenny notes, “Reference images can certainly be helpful. The words we use to describe color are vague and can mean different things to different people; therefore, having shared visuals can help align everyone from the jump, especially when working with someone new. Aside from that, I like to have some time before sitting down with clients to explore and try out some options. I watch the film and consider how I can best use color to assist in the storytelling.”

You can read the full article on LBB here.