Jean-Clément Soret Speaks at CICLOPE 2023

November 10, 2023 Nov. 10, 2023

Joining the CICLOPE line-up for 2023, Jean-Clément Soret hosted a workshop which offered a brief history of color grading to help understand its importance in the industry.

Throughout the session, Jean-Clément transported the audience into the color suite to show how he helps his clients achieve their final vision, whilst sharing stories and showcasing some of his most prolific work. The audience saw examples from clients including, Audi, Heineken, Dacia, Bombay Sapphire, and more, and also got some behind the scenes stories from Jean-Clément’s time working on HBOs Chernobyl.

A particular highlight from the workshop is when Jean-Clément dives into what color grading is, he said, “Color grading is an extension of the work of filmmakers – It unifies the overall aesthetic of a film, or it can also create disruptions, changing the atmosphere of a film, therefore the way it is perceived by the audience, very much like in sound design, there are nuances that can be put in place to maximise an effect.”

Alongside his presentation, we were also delighted to see that Jean-Clément took home two Bronze awards for Bombay Sapphire ‘The World is a Gallery’ and German Road Safety Council ‘No Answer’ in the Color Grading category.

Huge congratulations to the teams involved!


Bombay Sapphire ‘The World is a Gallery’


German Road Safety Council ‘No Answer’

  • Color | Jean-Clément Soret
  • Director | François Rousselet
  • Agency | Scholz & Friends
  • Production Co | Anorak Film