Making The Grade: Jimmy Hsu Speaks to LBB on his ‘Invisible’ Craft

May 30, 2024 May. 30, 2024

Senior Colorist Jimmy Hsu of Company 3 Vancouver has quite an impressive and eclectic reel. His work can be seen in popular television series, including Fox Network’s Animal Control starring Joel McHale, Netflix’s coming-of-age drama My Life with the Walter Boys, the workplace comedy Space Force with Steve Carrell, and more recently, Syfy’s Reginald The Vampire. He recently spoke to Little Black Book (LBB) and shared his inspiration for art, his personal philosophy, and what he does to unwind. 

In the article, Jimmy speaks of his post-production journey before working at Company 3 and how he carries those experiences into everything he does. “I’ll do a lot in color sessions that would once have gone out to a VFX vendor — things like sky replacements and paint-outs, all of which I can do without leaving Resolve. The more I can do in Resolve, the less the effects department has to worry about, which just makes sense because if we can do it in color, it can come together more quickly, and we can make changes in real time. And even with big effects that do go out to VFX companies, if they supply us with proper VFX alpha mattes, we can really help to make all the elements come together seamlessly in the grade.”

Learn more about Jimmy and his thoughts on the art of color grading here.