64th CSC Award Nominations

May 4, 2021 May. 4, 2021

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers recently announced nominees for their 2021 CSC Awards. We want to congratulate all filmmakers on their well-deserved nominations, including our clients recognized in the Theatrical Feature, Dramatic Series (Commercial and Non-Commercial), Comedy Series, and Documentary Short Format categories.


The 64th Awards are currently being planned for Fall 2021, with more updates to be provided soon.



The Education of Fredrick Fitzell (Now called Flashback)

Theatrical Feature Cinematography | Brendan Steacy, CSC


  • Colorist: Jim Fleming
  • Finishing Editor: Adrian Saywell
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Mike Baskerville + Mark Zsifkovits
  • Director: Christopher MacBride
  • Editor: Matt Tom


Project Blue Book, “Area 51”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Commercial | François Dagenais, CSC


  • Color: Ken Van Deest
  • Dailies Color: Jaan Spirka
  • Dailies: Company 3 Vancouver
  • Director: Pete Travis
  • Editor: Martin Nicholson


Riverdale, “Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Commercial | Ronad Paul Richard


  • Color: Tom Reiser
  • Dailies Color: Mykel Thuncher
  • Dailies: Company 3 Vancouver
  • Director: Antonio Negret
  • Editor: Elizabeth Czyzewski


Titans, “Faux Hawk”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Non Commercial | Boris Mojsovski, CSC, ASC


  • Dailies: Company 3 Toronto
  • Director: Larnell Stovall
  • Editor: Sara Mineo + Carol Stutz


The Umbrella Academy, “The Swedish Job”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Non Commercial | Craig Wrobleski, CSC


  • Dailies + VFX: Company 3 Toronto
  • Director: Stephen Surjik
  • Editor: Franklin Peterson


Kim’s Convenience, “Couch Surfing”

Comedy Series Cinematography | James Klopko, CSC


  • Color: Dave Muscat
  • Finishing Edit: Motassem Younes
  • Director: Peter Wellington
  • Editor: Aren Hansen



Documentary Short Format Cinematography | Jeremy Benning, CSC + Matt Bendo


  • Color: Joanne Rourke
  • Finishing Edit: Adrian Saywell + Eric Myles
  • Director: Jeremy Benning
  • Editor: Kurt Ritchie


See all the nominees here.