64th CSC Award Winners + Nominees

November 8, 2021 Nov. 8, 2021

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers announced winners for their 2021 CSC Awards over the weekend. Congratulations to everyone on their well-deserved award wins, with a special shout out to Craig Wrobleski on his Best Dramatic Series Cinematography – Non Commercial win for his work on Season 2 ‘The Umbrella Academy’.



The Umbrella Academy, “The Swedish Job”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Non Commercial | Craig Wrobleski, CSC


  • Dailies + VFX: Company 3 Toronto
  • Director: Stephen Surjik
  • Editor: Franklin Peterson




Theatrical Feature Cinematography | Brendan Steacy, CSC


  • Colorist: Jim Fleming
  • Finishing Editor: Adrian Saywell
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Mike Baskerville + Mark Zsifkovits
  • Director: Christopher MacBride
  • Editor: Matt Tom


Project Blue Book, “Area 51”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Commercial | François Dagenais, CSC


  • Color: Ken Van Deest
  • Dailies Color: Jaan Spirka
  • Dailies: Company 3 Vancouver
  • Director: Pete Travis
  • Editor: Martin Nicholson


Riverdale, “Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Commercial | Ronald Paul Richard


  • Color: Tom Reiser
  • Dailies Color: Mykel Thuncher
  • Dailies: Company 3 Vancouver
  • Director: Antonio Negret
  • Editor: Elizabeth Czyzewski


Titans, “Faux Hawk”

Dramatic Series Cinematography – Non Commercial | Boris Mojsovski, CSC, ASC


  • Dailies: Company 3 Toronto
  • Director: Larnell Stovall
  • Editor: Sara Mineo + Carol Stutz


Kim’s Convenience, “Couch Surfing”

Comedy Series Cinematography | James Klopko, CSC


  • Color: Dave Muscat
  • Finishing Edit: Motassem Younes
  • Director: Peter Wellington
  • Editor: Aren Hansen



Documentary Short Format Cinematography | Jeremy Benning, CSC + Matt Bendo


  • Color: Joanne Rourke
  • Finishing Edit: Adrian Saywell + Eric Myles
  • Director: Jeremy Benning
  • Editor: Kurt Ritchie


See the full list of winners + nominees here.