Company 3 at Berlinale 2024

February 15, 2024 Feb. 15, 2024

The Berlin Film Festival, renowned worldwide for celebrating global cinema, commences today in Berlin, Germany.

This year’s lineup includes World Premieres like Netflix’s Spaceman, from renowned Director John Renck (Chernobyl) starring Adam Sandler, with Senior Colorist Jean-Clément Soret providing the grade. Additionally, actor Omar Sy’s feature film The Stranger’s Case, directed by Brandt Anderson and graded by Senior Colorist Dave Hussey, will be showcased.

Other highlights include Sasha Nathwani’s feature film debut, Last Swim, graded by Senior Colorist Joseph Bicknell, opens the Generation 14plus competition.

The 74th annual Berlin Film Festival will run today until February 25, 2024.

Click here to view the entire lineup.



Berlinale Special Gala

  • Color | Jean-Clément Soret 
  • Finishing Artist | Gina Kalim  
  • Color Production | Michael Maida, Cody Cardarelli 
  • Director | Johan Renck  
  • DP | Jakob Ihre 
  • Editor | John Axelrad, ACE 
  • Production Design | Jan Houllevigue  


The Strangers’ Case

Berlinale Special Gala

  • Color | Dave Hussey
  • Finishing Artist | Hunter Furnish  
  • Color Producer | Scott Salamon
  • Director | Brandt Andersen  
  • DP | Jonathan Sela 
  • Editor | Jeff Seibeneck 
  • Production Design | Julie Berghoff  


Last Swim

Genration 14plus

  • Color | Joseph Bicknell
  • Finishing Artists | Thomas Lambert, Jeremy Crichton 
  • Color Production | Cody Cardarelli
  • Director | Sasha Nathwani  
  • DP | Olan Collardy 
  • Editor | Stephen Dunne
  • Production Design | Julija Fricsone Gavriss