Company 3 Colorists Partner with the Coca-Cola Refreshing Films Program

May 18, 2023 May. 18, 2023

Coca-Cola Refreshing Films have announced the winner of their Cinemark Fan Favorite Award and the Grand Prize for this year’s program. The nominated films, including the two winners, all feature color grades from Company 3; full credits can be seen below.

Taking home the Cinemark Fan Favorite is ‘Airplane Mode’ from UCLA, and the Grand Prize went to ‘Expand’ from Boise State University. Congratulations to all of the teams involved.

The Coca-Cola Refreshing Films program is a platform to provide students from partnered schools the opportunity to create content for the big screen. Cinemark is excited to partner with the program to share this year’s work with movie fans.

Every time you VOTE for your favorite film, you not only earn Cinemark rewards, but you are also supporting the next generation of filmmakers.

Watch behind the scenes from the winning films and the five nominated films below.

Behind the scenes of ‘Expand’ | Grand Prize Winner

Behind the scenes of ‘Airplane Mode’ | Cinemark Fan Favorite

Behind the scenes of ‘Phone Date’

Behind the scenes of ‘ The Cinematic Touch’

Behind the scenes of ‘A Leg Up’

Airplane Mode

  • Director | Christine Zivic
  • DP | Gaby Spampinato
  • Edit | Zhongyang Lyu
  • Color | Parker Jarvie


  • Director | Bella Hall
  • Producer | Gracie Hall
  • DP | Mateus Czopek
  • Edit | Annie St. George
  • Color | Jared Pecht

A Leg Up

  • Director | Will Fritz + Negan Fu
  • Edit | Katrin Baum
  • Color | Justin White

The Cinematic Touch

  • Director | Mika Heiskanen
  • Producer | Matthew Carew
  • DP | Rachel Chen
  • Editor | Torenz Sesbreno
  • Color | Aurora Shannon

Phone Date

  • Director | Malaika Menezes
  • Producer | Sami Smith
  • DP | Michael Salvino
  • Edit | Liam Donovan + Aidan Henderson
  • Color | Patrick Devine