Inaugural Gotham TV Awards Honor 6 Company 3 Projects

May 21, 2024 May. 21, 2024

We are pleased to celebrate the nominees of the inaugural Gotham TV Awards, announced last week. This new award show shines a spotlight on a diverse array of TV series and their visionary creators. Company 3 is honored to have collaborated on six nominated projects across various categories.

Our involvement includes the Amazon series Gen V, nominated for Breakthrough Comedy Series and graded by Senior Colorist Siggy Ferstl. In the Breakthrough Limited Series category, our contributions span several projects: Baby Reindeer on Netflix, graded by Senior Colorist Simon Bourne; Ripley, graded by Senior Colorists Stefan Sonnenfeld and Cody Baker; HBO’s The Sympathizer, graded by Senior Colorists Tom Poole and Matt Osborne; FX’s Shōgun, with episodes 5-10 graded by Senior Colorist Jill Bogdanowicz; and Hulu’s Under the Bridge, graded by Senior Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld and Colorist Aurora Shannon.

Congratulations to all the creative teams involved in these outstanding projects.

Winners for this year’s Gotham TV Awards will be announced on June 4, 2024, at Cipriani 25 in New York City.

View the full list of Gotham TV Award nominees here.




Gen V

Breakthrough Comedy Series

  • Color | Siggy Ferstl
  • Additional Color | Erik Ventura
  • Finishing Editor | Heydar Adel
  • Color Production | Eric Weiher, Alexis French, Trent Anderson
  • Directors | Nelson Cragg, Phil Sgriccia, Steve Boyum, Clare Kilner, Rachel Goldberg, Shana Stein, Sanaa Hamri
  • DPs | Michael Marshall, Marc Laliberte
  • Editors | David Kaldor, Jeffrey Glaser, Danielle Wang, Maura Corey, Hillary Wills
  • Production Design | Matthew Davies


Baby Reindeer

Breakthrough Limited Series

  • Color | Simon Bourne
  • Finishing Editors | Clyde Kellett, Thomas Crews
  • Color Production | Alice Greenland, Miles Gibbons
  • Writer & Creator | Richard Gadd
  • Directors | Weronika Tofilska, Josephine Bournebusch, Jon Brittain
  • DPs | Krzysztof Tronjnar, Annika Summerson, BSC
  • Editors | Benjamin Gerstein, Mike Holliday, Peter Oliver
  • Production Design | Debbie Burton



Breakthrough Limited Series

  • Supervising Color | Stefan Sonnenfeld
  • Color | Cody Baker
  • Additional Color | Drew Geary, Patrick Devine
  • Finishing Editor | Nicholas Figueroa
  • Editorial Services | Brandon Rosser, Gregory Caligiuri, Jasmine Hingorani
  • Color Production | Laura Hickerson, Krystle Annand
  • Director | Steven Zaillian
  • DP | Robert Elswit
  • Editors | Joshua Raymond Lee, David O. Rogers
  • Production Design | David Gropman
  • VFX | Powerhouse VFX


The Sympathizer

Breakthrough Limited Series

  • Color | Tom Poole (Episodes 1-2), Matt Osborne (Episodes 3-7)
  • Finishing Editor | Mike Delegal
  • Dailies | John St. Laurent
  • Color Production | Sydney Johnson, Lily Streiff
  • Directors | Park Chan-Wook, Fernando Meirelles, Marc Munden
  • DPs | Ji Yong Kim, Barry Ackroyd (DP on 1 episode)
  • Editors | Vikash Patel, Jin Lee
  • Production Design | Donald Graham Burt, Alec Hammond



Breakthrough Limited Series

  • Supervising Color | Jill Bogdanowicz (Episodes 5-10)
  • Additional Color | Erik Ventura (Episodes 5-10)
  • Finishing Editor | Jason Keehne (Episodes 5-10)
  • Color Production | Sean Holland, Deb Gutierrez, Curtis Smith (Episodes 5-10)
  • Directors | Jonathan Van Tulleken, Frederick E.O. Toye, Takeshi Fukunaga, Hiromi Kamata, Charlotte Brandstrom, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour
  • DPs | Christopher Ross BSC, Sam McCurdy ASC BSC, Marc Laliberté, Aril Wretblad FSF
  • Editors | Maria Gonzales, Aika Miyake, Thomas A. Krueger
  • Production Design | Helen Jarvis


Under the Bridge

Breakthrough Limited Series

  • Supervising Color | Stefan Sonnenfeld (Episodes 1-8)
  • Color | Aurora Shannon (Episodes 2-8)
  • Additional Color | Parker Jarvie (Episode 1)
  • Finishing Editors | Yoon Hee Hwang, Roger GaoXin Wang
  • Dailies | Jaan Spirka
  • Color Producer | Andras Toth
  • Directors | Geeta V. Patel, Kevin Phillips, Catherine Hardwicke, Nimisha Mukerji, Quinn Shephard, Dinh Thai
  • DPs | Checco Varese, C. Kim Miles, Minka Farthing-Kohl, François Dagenais
  • Editors | Justin Li, Tyler L. Cook, Kyle Meechan, Kyle Reiter ACE, Sabrina Pitre CCE, Garret Price
  • Production Design | Jennifer Morden